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~LunarGlaceon Rulebook~ Empty

~LunarGlaceon Rulebook~

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~LunarGlaceon Rulebook~ Empty ~LunarGlaceon Rulebook~

Post  QuinnyTheCresselia on Sat Mar 12, 2011 8:58 am

~Forum Rules~

1. Do Not Advertise
That was not the reason the forums were created, nor will it ever be the point of this lovely forum!
Punishment: 1 - 100 Spam/Ban Points, depends on the seriousness.

2. Don't Discriminate
Really? Are you stupid or something? I feel no need to explain this.
Punishment: 1 - 100 Ban Points, depends on the seriousness.

3. Don't Swear/Curse
Okay, I'm pretty sure all our parents have told us of the term "Swearing" or "Cursing" and have told us that we shouldn't do it, and we really want to keep this forum for all ages. So to keep everything appropriate, we have decided to forbid this on this forum.
Punishment: 1 - 100 Ban/Spam Points, depends on the seriousness.

4. Don't Lie
Come on! USE COMMON SENSE! This rule is especially important for courts.
Punishment: 1 - 100 Ban/Spam Points, depends on the seriousness.

5. Don't Spam
Spam stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages, try and keep your posts up to three words or more and don't overuse capital letters and the edit button is there for a reason. Also, make sure they all have actual content.
Punishment: 1 - 100 Spam/Ban Points, depends on the seriousness.

6. Don't Insult Anyone
As you should know, people don't take kindly to it when you're mean to them. And the staff doesn't take kindly to fights either. So just treat your fellow members (and staff members) with respect, and this can be EASILY avoided.
Punishment: 1 - 100 Spam/Ban Points, depends on the seriousness.

7. Don't Ask For Moderator Powers
This is a mere annoyance towards the administration panel and you will be added to the "Never Going to Get Mod" list.
Punishment: Never EVER getting mod. And if continued… 1 - 100 Spam/Ban Points, depending on the seriousness.

8. Don't Use Improper Grammar When Posting
By improper, I mean stuff like, "plz" and "rly" or anything such as that. We don't mind abbreviations, but stuff like that is just an annoyance when overdone.
Punishment: A warning to stop, but if continued, 1 - 100 Spam/Ban Points, depending on the amount of it's use.

9. Don't Make Multiple Accounts
Why do you need this? Really, whats the point? Why can't you just make one? It just gives us a pointless user that we don't need.
Punishment: Permanent IP ban! No court needed.

10. Respect the Staff
Really, we work hard to maintain this forum, and you have the nerve to disrespect us?! This will lead to a serious punishment.
Punishment: 1 - 100 Ban Points, depending on the seriousness.

11. Speak English
If you don't speak English, then this place isn't for you. Since we only allow use of the English language. Now, there are a few cases where we will let this slide… but for the most part try and speak English.
Punishment: 1 - 100 Spam/Ban Points, and if continued… *Pulls Out Ban Hammer* you know the rest.

12. No Sexual Content
Those of us who aren't perverted (and even a few of us who are) would like to not have any risk of seeing this, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Punishment: Automatic Court Sentence

13. No Excessive Violence
I know we all like having fun with the occasional violence joke, but there's a line where it gets too much. This rule is different in the Fan Fiction section.
Punishment: A warning for going overboard, then 1-80 points to meter, depending on seriousness and how many times it is done.

14. Follow All Rules in Chat-Box
Yeah… Pretty much the title speaks for itself…
Punishment: Kick/Ban From Chat-Box and if continued an infraction.

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